Gerrit Jan van D. (67), the father of the six now grown-up children who have lived in hiding for years on a farm in Ruinerwold, in the province of Drenthe, is detained for two weeks. The man is suspected of being deprived of liberty and prejudicing the health of family members.

The man is in limitations, the Public Prosecution Service (OM) reports. This means that he may only have contact with his lawyer.

It was a week ago that the oldest son living in the farm told his story in a local cafe, where the bar owner called in the police.

In a small room that can be closed off, five more children, now adults, were found together with Van D. He is suspected of, among other things, deprivation of liberty, together with handyman Josef B.

The police think that the family has stayed on the farm for at least nine years. None of the children were registered, their mother had already died before they moved to Ruinerwold.

Research by De Volkskrant on Monday revealed that Van D. was working on his own gospel and has written thousands of pages about religion and how the human mind works. He was previously known to have been a member of the Association Church, also known as the Moon sect.


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