Berlin (AP) - In a letter to the railway chief, the Federal Transport Minister has demanded a report according to concrete improvements in train traffic.

In it asks Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) of railway chief Richard Lutz, among other things, that the federal-owned group solve problems such as train delays and cancellations and staff shortages, it says in the report of "Bild am Sonntag". Until November 14, Lutz should present concrete concepts.

The Federal Ministry of Transport did not want to comment on the report. Also by the railway it was said, one does not speak in principle to internal exchange.

According to the report, Scheuer addresses four areas of railways where improvements are needed quickly. These included regional traffic, where there was a shortage of staff and too many trains were delayed or canceled. Maintenance of the infrastructure is also progressing too slowly.

In rail freight transport, which is bundled in the DB Cargo Group division, it lacks good vehicle material, personnel and an efficient production structure, among other things. The Minister also criticizes an inefficient management level in his letter. There must be a flatter hierarchy to facilitate decisions.

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