In Mexico, security forces arrested a son of US-arrested drug lord Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán. Ovidio Guzmán López was arrested in Culiacán, the capital of the state of Sinaloa, said the Ministry of Security. The city is considered the stronghold of the imprisoned drug lord.

Members of the Guzmán drug cartel allegedly released inmates from the Aguaruto Detention Center. There were 20-30 inmates escaped, some of whom had already been arrested again, said Sinaloa Public Security Minister.

The arrested son of "El Chapo" was involved in shootings that led to the escape of prisoners from prison. López was identified in a house from which patrolling soldiers had been shot, according to the information.

Subsequently, several groups of organized crime were stationed around the house. The security forces had been outnumbered and had broken off the mission. Heavy armed men fought violently in the city with security forces. A journalist from the AFP news agency reported gunfire, explosions and burning vehicles. The authorities called on the residents of the city not to take to the streets. A game of the second Mexican professional football league was canceled because of the violence.

Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán was sentenced to life imprisonment in the US in July. The longtime leader of the notorious Sinaloa cartel was once considered the most powerful drug lord in the world. His sons are considered important figures in the internal power struggle in the cartel after the arrest of their father.

Mexico has been experiencing very high rates of violence for years. These are largely due to gangs involved in financially lucrative crimes such as drug trafficking, abduction and extortion.