The NunaX solar car, built by the Vattenfall Solar Team from TU Delft, was completely burned out during the night from Wednesday to Thursday (Dutch time) during the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia. The driver was able to leave the vehicle on time.

The car caught fire on the fifth and final day of the Challenge. Vattenfall Solar Team was at the top of the rankings and still had to travel 300 kilometers to become champions.

How the car could catch fire is still unknown. The students will figure this out in the coming days.

TU Delft is the second Dutch student team that failed. Wednesday, on the fourth day, the Red E-car made by students of the University of Twente and Hogeschool Saxion failed.

Red E failed due to sudden strong wind blowing the car off the road. The solar car landed on the roadside and was damaged in such a way that the vehicle could not go back on the road. The driver was not injured, but had to go to the hospital for a check-up.


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