The police will continue their investigation on Thursday in the remote farm in Ruinerwold in Drenthe, where Monday evening was hidden and now adult children were discovered. According to RTV Drenthe , the family would be affiliated with the Verenigingskerk, also known as the Moon sect.

Sources report to the regional channel that the family lived on donations from other followers. The South Korean Sun Myung Moon, who died in September 2012, was the leader and founder of the Church. The suspect in the Josef B. case is said to have been a member of the sect.

The Church of the Association is known for its conversion methods and mass marriages described as aggressive.

The police say that at the moment "all areas (of the farm, ed.) Are digitally recorded to get a complete overview. The forensic investigation department is supported in this by colleagues from the National Unit".

Multiple police vehicles can be seen on and around the farm's yard. The farm has been closed for research since Monday evening.

Also on Wednesday raids were done in a toy store and a timber trade in Zwartsluis. The toy store, which was in the name of the father of the family from Ruinerwold until 2008, is currently for sale.

In brief

  • Family found Monday in farm after eldest son (25) sounded the alarm
  • Josef B. is suspected of being deprived of liberty and is detained
  • Six children and father may have been in the farm for nine years
  • B. will be presented on Thursday

Brother Josef B .: "Always out for his own gain"

The 58-year-old B., born in Austria, is suspected of improper deprivation of liberty of the Drenthe family and would also have harmed their health. He is the tenant of the farm where the family was found.

His brother Franz says in an interview with the Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung that B. was always after his own gain. "He found himself better than Jesus." The man would have had little or no contact with his family for many years and had been a member of a cult.

According to several media, the Drenthe family members got to know B. when they lived in Hasselt and he was their neighbor.


Drone films Drenthe farm where family was hidden for years

Family may have stayed in a farm for nine years

The police think the family has stayed in the farm for nine years. The now adult children have ages from 18 to 25 years. Their father was also found in one of the small, lockable spaces. The mother of the family would have died before they moved to Ruinerwold.

Earlier it turned out that the eldest son (25) may have multiple social media accounts with which he was active in the last few weeks. It can also be read there that he said he worked for B.

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