On Thursday, the Public Prosecution Service (OM) demanded six years in prison and TBS with compulsory treatment against René V. for stabbing, driving, assaulting and threatening several women. Justice considers the man guilty of four attempted murder.

According to the public prosecutor, there was a conditional intention in the case of the stabbing incidents because the man took a conscious risk of the death of his victims with his actions.

According to the OM, the man got into his car with a knife, drove around remote roads and "went hunting for women."

V. is also considered guilty of inflicting serious bodily injury by driving a woman and assaulting another woman by beating her from his car.

The penalty requirement was lower because the man is considered to be reduced to accountability.

Man has made partial confession

The stabbing incidents and the mistreatment took place in the period from November 2018 to January 26, 2019 in various places in the Noord-Holland region.

The threat of rape of five women and the stalking of one of them happened early this year.

René V. has made a partial confession, although he says he cannot remember part of the suspicions. He also says that he did not consciously stab the women.

V. could not explain what his intention was. He says he has been so under the influence of drugs that "everything went past him."

Suspect can be arrested thanks to tip

"It must be very difficult for the relatives that they do not get an answer to the why question," said the public prosecutor. "They had to hear that they were the wrong women in the wrong place."

The man was eventually arrested in April 2019 thanks to a tip from a woman who had experienced a similar incident in June 2018. She was walking on a narrow road in Schagen when she was passed by a car. The driver made innumerable gestures and when the woman tells him to do normally, he turns around and gives her a blow.

The woman noted down the license plate and if the police are investigating this, they end up at the address of V.'s mother-in-law where the man is also registered.

When the police look at camera images, they see V. driving around in the vicinity of where the stab incidents had taken place.

Suspect known on camera to girlfriend

The officer said the police then placed a camera in V.'s car and a beacon under his car with which he could be followed.

In one of the excerpts that was shown in court, V. admits to his girlfriend that he is guilty of the incidents. He is arrested and also known to the police.


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