On appeal, Biko M. was sentenced to a lower sentence of 13 May 2016 for the death of Schiedam newspaper deliverer Anita van Dijk. The Court of Appeal in The Hague stated on Wednesday that the man probably acted in a psychosis and therefore imposed eight years in prison and TBS with compulsory treatment.

This is two years lower than that imposed on the man in the first instance. On appeal, the Public Prosecution Service (OM) again demanded ten years in prison and TBS.

The court outlined Wednesday that M. previously did not want to cooperate in research into his psyche. He did so in the appeal and therefore experts from the Pieter Baan Center were able to state that he probably had a psychosis when he attacked the woman. That is why the facts can be attributed to him less.

The man has also been convicted of an attempted extortion. He tried to raid a man before attacking the newspaper deliverer. This victim said that M. grabbed him and only let go when he said he had nothing with him. A few moments later the man heard a bicycle fall and a woman scream, and he called the police.

Van Dijk was found seriously injured on the street. A week later she died in the hospital.

M.'s DNA is found on Van Dijk's coat and under her nails. DNA from the woman was also found on M.'s sweater. The man has always denied the facts.