Following the province of Friesland, the province of Drenthe decided on Monday to reverse the nitrogen measures taken last week. The decision was announced the moment hundreds of farmers protested again at various provincial houses in the country against nitrogen policy.

Under the new rule, farmers would lose nitrogen space that they do not yet use, but for which they do have a permit. On Thursday several dissatisfied farmers already came to a States meeting in the Frisian provincial government.

The farmers believe that the provinces did not involve them enough in the consultation on the measure taken.

The Drenthe college states that it has "found out afterwards that there is light between the established policy rules and government policy". According to the provincial government, in the college program, it "explicitly stated that it would not lay any extra rules on top of the national rules. That seems to be the case now."

The province says it will make an effort in the coming period to arrive at "unambiguous and workable policy rules".

Grim atmosphere at Groningen provincial government office

Tractors went to several provincial houses in the morning after a call from LTO Noord. The farmers are at the provincial houses in Utrecht, Zwolle, Groningen, Assen, Arnhem and Haarlem. This has caused traffic jams on the A7, A12 and A28, among others.

At the provincial town hall in Groningen a playful protest turned into a grim situation, after a tractor had driven to the door of the provincial town hall and farmers wanted to penetrate the building. Agents had to stand on line to stop the crowd. According to the Dagblad van het Noorden , the police would have hit with batons.

Just before that, the farmers had pelted the county hall with a forage harvester with straw.


Why does nitrogen cause so many problems in the Netherlands?


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Farmers angry with cabinet plans

The farmers are angry, among other things, because the government is making a plan to remediate outdated farms in order to reduce nitrogen emissions.

Last Friday, Minister of Agriculture Carola Schouten announced that the advice of the nitrogen committee Remkes will be adopted, in which it is recommended to reduce the livestock.

This Monday's protest is one of many. Last week, access to the Wooldse Veen nature reserve near Winterswijk was blocked and there was a protest at the provincial government office in Leeuwarden.

Again traffic jams on roads to The Hague

This Wednesday is the national protest in The Hague. Among other things, the farmers are planning to occupy the Binnenhof. Also a so-called "traffic jam protest" is again part of the demonstration.

The expectation is that many farmers will set off again with tractors. Earlier this month it led to the busiest morning rush hour ever.

Farmers take action at several provincial houses

Farmers are protesting Monday at the provincial houses in Utrecht, Zwolle, Groningen, Arnhem and Haarlem. © DUIC

They are against nitrogen policy. © Pro Shots

They also take action, according to them, as a negative image of their profession. © Pro Shots

Some of the demonstrators showed up with a tractor. © vd Weerd

The demonstrations led to traffic jams on the A7, A12 and A28, among others © Knol

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