In the mayoral election in Budapest, the Fidesz party of Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orbán suffered a defeat. Its supporting incumbent, István Tarlós, was defeated by opposition candidate Gergely Karácsony, as was known after the count of almost all the votes. According to Karácsony in the capital of about 50 percent of the votes, Tarlós to about 45 percent.

A spokesman for Karácsony said Tarlós had congratulated his 44-year-old challenger by phone. "The government respects the decision of the citizens of Budapest," a government spokesman told local media. Tarlós has been in office since 2010.

In addition to Budapest, other major cities also went to the opposition opposition on Sunday. For Hungary's nationalist Prime Minister Orbán, it was the first electoral defeat since he took office in 2010. The opposition accuses him of authoritarian and corrupt administration.