For at least three Iranian Dutchmen, the threat after two previous liquidations is so serious that security measures have been taken, reports the VPRO research program Argos on Saturday. The three receive extra police security.

In January, information from Dutch and foreign intelligence services revealed that Iran is behind two liquidations in Almere and The Hague. According to the three Dutch Iranians, this is the reason for police security.

Ali Motamed was shot in 2015 and two years later the leader of an Arab-Iranian separation movement, Ahmad Mola Nissi, was liquidated.

The murders were also the reason that two diplomats from the Iranian embassy in the Netherlands were deported last June. Iran denies any involvement.

In addition to the Netherlands, Iran would also have tried to commit murders in Denmark and France. In the former country, the liquidation of another member of the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz (ASMLA) would have been prevented in October last year.

According to Argos , the three Iranian Dutch are also part of separatist minorities.

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