Dozens of Kurds demonstrate on Thursday evening at Schiphol against the Turkish invasion of northeastern Syria. Images circulating on social media show the crowd waving. The Marechaussee is in conversation with the group.

Some demonstrators have taken their children to the airport. According to a reporter present, the group makes a lot of noise, but they would now move outside. It is not clear whether the Marechaussee has asked them to do so. The atmosphere is "calm".

Turkey invaded northeastern Syria on Wednesday and continued its offensive on Thursday. There would have been at least eight deaths so far. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wants to establish a "safe zone".

The Kurdish forces, which control the area, fought as allies of the West against the Islamic State (IS). They had support from the United States until recently, but the White House announced on Sunday that it was going to recall troops in the area.

According to US President Donald Trump, it is "too expensive" to continue supporting the Kurds in the area.

Departure of Americans cleared the way for Turkish invasion

This cleared the way for Turkey to make a military raid. The NATO ally regards the Kurdish militias as an extension of the PKK, which is regarded by various countries as a terrorist organization.

A large majority of the House of Representatives demanded on Thursday that the government take action. There should be sanctions for Turkey at European level.

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