Berlin (dpa) - The assassin of Halle had not only planned to kill as many Jews. He wanted to kick his rampage in front of a large global audience. He selected the web platform Twitch, which belongs to Amazon, for the live stream.

Here, especially gamers stream their computer games, including games such as "League of Legends", "World of Warcraft", "Fortnite", but also sports simulations such as "Fifa 20" and other games. Twitch also has a "In Real Life" category that publishes videos that deal with other topics.

The alleged assassin had opened his Twitch account only two months ago and uploaded only one video during that time. The attacker's "Manifesto" surfacing on the net suggests that he was not necessarily at Twitch's home, but on the 8chan Internet platform, which is very popular with racists.

On the portal, attacks and rampages are celebrated and hatred is celebrated. The style of the forum is also characterized by supposedly ironic memes and tasteless jokes. After the killing spree in a Walmart department store in El Paso, Texas in early August 8chan went offline, also because technical service providers like Amazon pulled the plug. Therefore, the hall assassin had to look for a new platform.

In the manifesto written in English, the assassin emphasizes twice how important it is for him to broadcast his crime live on the Internet. "Increase the morale of other oppressed whites in which the record of the combat mission is disseminated," it says. And: "Spread a successful live stream."

However, the aggressor barely reached his propaganda goal in the first step. Only five Twitch users tracked the stream in real time. After all, 2200 people watched the 35-minute recording before Twitch noticed the action and locked the video on the platform.

However, time was enough to spill the poisonous message from Halle into other networks. Megan Squire, computer scientist at Elon University in North Carolina, found in an initial analysis that the video reached about 15,600 users within 30 minutes via public channels of Messenger Telegram. The video also surfaced quickly on the 4chan Web forum, which also features countless trolls and hate preachers.

Analysis of Megan Squire on Twitter