In the coming weeks, the police will again be combing the Robbenoordbos in Noord-Holland in the search for the pregnant student Sumanta Bansi (23). Both land and water are being searched, Wednesday is reported to after reporting by Het Parool .

On Tuesday, sonar equipment was used to look again in the water for traces. "Hours of visual material must be viewed," the North Holland police spokesperson said.

A search has previously been made in Robbenoordbos and nearby waters. "This was in the middle of the summer, it was so overgrown on some parts that it was almost impossible to get through", the spokesperson outlined.

Now that the terrain in the forest is more accessible, and because new information has been received by the police, it has been decided to organize new searches in a relatively short time. The agents have since received fifty tips on the matter.

Bansi studied at the University of Amsterdam

Bansi disappeared from the face of the earth last February. She then studied at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and also did an internship at a dental practice.

The month of her disappearance she called her mother with the message that she was pregnant. After an earlier abortion, she was determined to keep the child and was looking forward to becoming a mother.

The police fear that the woman has fallen victim to a crime. In the case, 15,000 euros were promised for the golden tip.

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