The Public Prosecution Service (OM) announced on Wednesday that Richard R., better known as 'Rico de Chileen', would be sentenced to more than eight years in prison for running a criminal organization. The substantive treatment may take place next May.

Wednesday the seventh introductory session against 'Rico de Chileen' was held in the extra secure Schiphol Judicial Complex.

The man is being prosecuted for running a criminal organization for the purpose of committing murders, laundering nearly € 10 million and preparing drug trafficking and possession of weapons. The criminal organization is said to have worked closely with Ridouan Taghi, the most wanted criminal in the Netherlands.

"To whom else would the maximum penalty apply," said the public prosecutor referring to R.

Lawyer calls on OM to become concrete

The Public Prosecution Service has already stated on several occasions that it also sees R. as the principal of liquidations, but only to charge this in a separate criminal case. In this investigation too, justice connects R. to Taghi.

Much to the dismay of R., Leon van Kleef's lawyer, who feels that cases that are accused of Taghi are also charged to his client. "But make that concrete," the lawyer addressed the OM. "Which murders does R. suspect?"

It is a question that the lawyer has already asked several times. The fact that no answer to this has yet been given suggests to Van Kleef that the Public Prosecution Service cannot find evidence and that this will no longer happen either.

R. is still waiting for a transfer

R. is currently trapped in the extra secure prison in Vught, but would be transferred to a less strictly secured regime.

However, this has not yet happened and that probably has everything to do with the murder of lawyer Derk Wiersum on 18 September. "Everything that has to do with the mocrowar is viewed," says Van Kleef.

The next introductory session will take place on December 16. According to the OM, the final file will then also be completed. R. will remain stuck until that session.