Munich (AP) - The ADAC has observed numerous drivers of e-scooter violations of traffic rules. Because of the negative reports on the e-scooter, the traffic club had reportedly watched in six cities around 4000 drivers during the day in action.

"In a quarter of the ADAC rule violations could recognize," said the club on Tuesday in Munich. The observed violations are to a large extent due to the fact that the scooter drivers were foul on a pedestrian street, on sidewalks or in the wrong direction.

Missing plates or two persons on a scooter were observed only in a few cases. However, according to the police reports, the ADAC believes that e-scooter drivers will drastically increase "late night misconduct". This period has not been investigated. The traffic was observed in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Stuttgart and Heidelberg on weekdays between 7.30 and 17.30.

Since mid-June, the new electric scooters are approved in Germany. Since then, the police have frequently reported violations by users, especially in the big cities. Drunk drivers have often been caught. Also numerous accidents with injured ones were registered in connection with E-Scootern.

Communication ADAC