Rembrandt van Rijn: "Girl in a Picture Frame" (1641) © Rembrandt "Girl in a Picture Frame" (Photo: Andrzej Ring, Lech Sandzewicz) / The Royal Castle in Warsaw - Museum

This fast, confident stroke! This lively warmth, this quiet flickering chiaroscuro. For centuries, the world has not come out in astonishment at Rembrandt. "Rembrandt goes so deep into mystery that he says things for which there are no words in any language," wondered Vincent van Gogh. And David Hockney on a special ability of the Amsterdam master: "Rembrandt gave faces more expression than anybody before or after him, and he was able to recognize the intricacies that make up an individual face and make each one unique."

The son of a miller and a baker's daughter actually catapulted the Netherlands into the Golden Age of painting. And it was soon over after he died impoverished on October 4, 1669 in Amsterdam. Anniversary 350 years later, there are all over the country, Rembrandt exhibitions. The most important one now starts at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, which, in cooperation with the Madrid Prado, stages a competition between two giants, both of whom have the finest selection: Rembrandt is juxtaposed with his contemporary Velázquez (from 11 October 2019 to 19 January 2020).

Rembrandt total offers just in time for the anniversary of the Taschen Verlag, although for home, but rather not for bedtime reading: Two monumental volumes present All drawings and etchings and All paintings as catalogs of works in excellent reproduction quality; Their weight tests the capacity of the shelf and coffee table.

The artist's work has always had its debut and depreciation debates. In the 19th century were still 600 paintings as real, in the latest catalog come the Rembrandt experts Volker Manuth, Marieke de angle and Rudie van Leeuwen to 330th But there are also wonderful discoveries: how confident and direct looks the Warsaw girl in the picture frame 1641 to us - it looks for the conversation with looks and groping, shiny hands, but so exactly you do not know whether it now expects something or wants something. The catalog of drawings and etchings makes possible a private graphic cabinet; Rembrandt was a celebrity in both disciplines during his lifetime (and the attributions are even more controversial today than in the paintings). Whether in figure sketches or landscapes, poignant biblical scenes, the famous Hundertguldenblatt (because extremely expensive already in the 17th century), but above all in his self-portraits, Rembrandt is constantly on the lookout for the best expression, the most successful form for our earthly world ,

Peter Schatborn, Erik Hinterding: Rembrandt. All drawings and etchings; Taschen, Cologne 2019; 756 p., 150, - €

Volker Manuth, Marieke de Winkel, Rudie van Leeuwen: Rembrandt. All paintings; Taschen, Cologne 2019; 744 p., 150, - €