Berlin (AP) - The activist group Extinction Rebellion is according to the protest researcher Dieter Rucht in Germany so far a relatively small group.

"Extinction rebellion is a bit far-fetched, more illusion than being," said Rucht of the German Press Agency. This is also evident in "full-bodied announcements" on the number of members and the number of national associations. The figures quoted by the group are "not necessarily covered by reality". From Monday, the group is planning actions in Berlin and several cities around the world. On Saturday began the construction of a climate camp in front of the Chancellery.

Only a small group of activists have ever come to the group's recent actions in Berlin, explains Rucht. Nevertheless, the group has always made their protests in the media, which speaks for a certain professionalism. Rucht compared the structure of the movement with a franchise system: Just a few clicks were enough to be listed on the website as a local chapter in formation. In this way, the activists gave the impression that the movement is present with many local groups worldwide. "But the presence is largely a web presence and no physical presence."

Extinction Rebellion (in German about: Rebellion against extinction) originally comes from the UK. According to own data the group exists since November last year also in Germany.

According to the organizers, the construction of a so-called climate camp near the Chancellery in Berlin began on Saturday. Extinction Rebellion intends to hold workshops and workshops there from Sunday on, as a spokeswoman said on Saturday. The first groups have already arrived.

In total, several thousand people are expected in Berlin. How many would eventually stay in the camp, the spokeswoman could not say. According to police, 6,000 participants were registered for the rally until October 13.

Extinction Rebellion wants to obstruct traffic on Monday in the capital - for example, at Potsdamer Platz. "We recommend motorists to leave the car," it had said on Friday. Among other things, the movement demands from the Federal Government to declare the climate emergency and reduce CO2 emissions to zero by 2025.

The planned blockade increases the risk of escalation, said the parliamentary executive director of the FDP parliamentary group, Marco Buschmann, the «Passauer Neue Presse» (Saturday). "But climate change is a human task that can only be resolved by consensus." His group leader Christian Lindner told the "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung" (Saturday), groups like Extinction Rebellion called for traffic blockade in cities. Cars would be damaged and the owners insulted. "Despite the importance of climate protection, understanding stops me when violence is used."