The Belgian authorities have recalled one meat product due to a possible infection with listeria. The decision follows briefly the recall campaigns in the Netherlands due to the presence of the listeria bacteria in a factory of the meat product producer Offerman.

Offerman started the first recall on Thursday evening, but one day later decided, as a precaution, to recall all other products that were still in the stores. This involves a total of more than 300,000 kilos of meat.

The measure followed after the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) announced that three people had died in the past two years as a result of eating offerman-infected meats from Offerman. A woman also had a miscarriage.

Due to the situation in the Netherlands, the Belgian food agency (FASFC) has decided, in consultation with supermarket chain Aldi, to recall roast roast beef from the Délifin brand. This product was taken off the shelves immediately on Friday, after it turned out that Offerman was the supplier.

The agency reports that it has not yet been officially informed by the Dutch authorities, but has contacted via a European warning system. In this way, the FASFC hopes to receive more information about the delivery to Belgian stores.

Offerman delivered meat products to several stores

Offerman supplied meat products in the Netherlands to Jumbo, Aldi, Vleesunie and Sligro, among others. The lists of products for which the safety warning applies are on the website of the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA).

The Offerman factories are currently being shut down. The company may resume production as soon as all production sites have been thoroughly cleaned and refurbished. The NVWA must also give approval.

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