Berlin (dpa) - The current calendar sheet for the 04. October 2019:

40th calendar week, 277th day of the year

88 days left until the end of the year

Zodiac sign: Libra

Name day: Aurea, Franz, Teresa


2005 - The European Union and Turkey formally begin negotiations for full EU membership in Luxembourg.

2001 - The Alternative Nobel Prizes are awarded in Stockholm to the Israeli peace organization "Gush Shalom", the British anti-nuclear group "Trident Plowshares", liberation theologian Leonardo Boff from Brazil and José Antonio Abreu from Venezuela.

1979 - The Soviet party and state leader Leonid Brezhnev arrives for a four-day visit to East Germany in East Berlin. The occasion is the celebrations for the 30th anniversary of the GDR.

1958 - In France, the Fifth Republic begins with the adoption of a new constitution that strengthens the position of head of state to end the era of short-lived governments.

1947 - In East Berlin begins the first (all-) German Writers' Congress after the Second World War.

1824 - The Republic of Mexico is proclaimed.

1582 - Spain and Portugal are the first countries to introduce the Gregorian calendar. The 4th of October will be followed by the 15th.

1209 - Pope Innocent III. crowns the German King Otto IV of Brunswick as Emperor.


1989 - Dakota Johnson (30), American actress («Ben and Kate», «Fifty Shades of Gray»)

1959 - Chris Lowe (60), British pop musician, forms the pop duo Pet Shop Boys ("Go West") with Neil Tennant

1949 - Luis Sepúlveda (70), Chilean writer («The old man who read romance novels»)

1946 - Susan Sarandon (73), American actress (Oscar for Best Actress in Dead Man Walking)

1919 - Erica Schramm, German actress ("All dogs love Theobald"), d. 2012


2009 - Mercedes Sosa, Argentine folk singer («Gracias a la vida», «Canción con todos»), born. 1935

1669 - Rembrandt, Dutch painter («Nachtwache»), numerous portraits and self-portraits, b. 1606