An employee of the Noord-Holland police unit was taken out of office on Wednesday due to undesirable behavior. According to NRC , the police chief in Haarlemmermeer is said to have been guilty of sexual assault and sexual harassment, but a police spokesperson makes no statements about the person's position.

"We are not making any statements about the investigation," said the spokesperson for the Noord-Holland unit. A spokesperson for the National Police informs the newspaper that the "exploratory investigation" has now been turned into a disciplinary investigation.

NRC writes that the telephone of the 51-year-old team leader, who led a team of 140 agents, has been read. Messages found on the phone would have confirmed suspicions of sexual harassment.

One of those sexually tinted messages is said to have been directed to a senior police officer who previously worked in The Hague, but had been bullied from that corps. The man would have taken care of her and promised a safe working environment in Haarlemmermeer.

The alleged victim ran into trouble at her previous workplace when she denounced abuses within the force. According to NRC , these reports are also examined.

Police advisor has previously exposed misconduct

The police force was already under pressure last summer. Then police adviser Carel Boers resigned because his advice to the leadership about abuses within the force was ignored.

According to the consultant, agents feel unsafe, discriminated against and sexually intimidated. Police chief Erik Akerboom recognized the reports about such misconduct within the force, but emphasized that such problems play a role throughout society.