On Friday, the KNMI issued a yellow code for Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland, Zeeland, Groningen and the Wadden Islands due to thunderstorms and heavy gusts of wind. The warning applies until midnight.

Particularly in the northwest of the country, some spicy thunderstorms can occur, according to the weather institute. Gusts of around 75 kilometers per hour can occur during these showers. There is also a chance of hail.

The Netherlands will be confronted with changeable weather in the coming days. "We often have to deal with precipitation and it looks like we are not getting rid of it for the time being," said Weerplaza.

The weather office reports that Saturday is the better day of the weekend. Most rain falls in the western half of the country. Outside the showers there are cloud fields and periods with sun, Weerplaza expects. On Sundays there will not only be showers, but it will also remain cloudy.


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