Moscow (AP) - In the middle of the power struggle between the government and opposition in Venezuela, President Nicolas Maduro wants to get support from Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin.

At the meeting in Moscow, they both want to talk about deepening relations in a four-way conversation. In addition, according to Moscow, it is also about the interference of other countries in the domestic policy of the Latin American state - meant above all the US. Maduro arrived in the Russian capital on Tuesday.

The government and opposition in Venezuela have fought a bitter power struggle since the beginning of the year. Russia supports the leadership of Maduro with military experts, among others. The US, on the other hand, is on the side of the opposition leader Juan Guaidó, who calls himself interim president.

The once oil-rich country is in a serious economic crisis. Millions of people have already left Venezuela. With new sanctions, the US wants to continue putting Maduro under pressure. Many officials from Maduro's environment and a number of state institutions are already on the black list, moreover, the entire assets of the Venezuelan government in the United States was frozen.