Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD) has been open to subsequent changes in the climate package in the Bundesrat. If improvements were proposed in the Federal Council, "I listen to this without bias," she told the Funke media group . At the same time, she defended the climate concept that the German government had presented on Friday: "Of course I could have imagined even more in the climate package, but this package also contains a lot of progress, especially in terms of the new binding nature of the goals."

Criticism of the package had come from, among others, the opposition, environmentalists and trade associations. Leading researchers consider it too small-scale and too limited in effectiveness. The Greens demanded that the climate package in the Bundesrat be tightened.

Green parliamentary leader Anton Hofreiter spoke in the New Osnabrücker Zeitung of a "narrow-gauge climate package". "So that the climate crisis does not escalate, now finally counter-measures and decided action must be taken." The climate package does not provide an answer to this "human task". Hofreiter called for renewable energies such as wind power to be developed and for an effective and social carbon price to be introduced.

The head of the economy , Christoph Schmidt, was also disappointed with the climate agreements. He told the German Press Agency that the package was too timid to approach CO2 pricing. "Instead of banning such as oil-fired heating, policymakers should have put more emphasis on carbon pricing, but that would require a higher starting price," he said.

Minister of Finance defends the package

Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) defended the package in an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in view of the financial scope of the planned climate protection measures: "This meets the boldest demands that had been set up in advance." By 2023, investments of more than 54 billion euros are planned. "If we extrapolate it to the 2020s, we are talking about well over 150 billion euros."

On the criticism of the package Scholz said: "Well, some have already made up their minds to find the results bad before they were known." In addition, there are some who "pursued a neo-liberal agenda". "They want to decide beyond the heads of the citizens and quickly set high prices quickly, without explaining how to cope with it then."