London (AP) - Tourism is booming, the travel mood of the Germans is unbroken. But with the travel providers, there have been quite a few bankruptcies.

JT Touristik: The Berlin tour operator with about 60 employees at the end of September 2016 is insolvent. Discounter Lidl takes over JT Touristik at the beginning of 2018, the brand remains intact. The company was founded in 2009 by the Iranian-born Jasmin Taylor.

Unister: A few days after the accidental death of their boss Thomas Wagner, the Leipzig Internet company filed for bankruptcy in July 2016. Soon after, the Unister Travel operating company is also broke. Under the umbrella of the subsidiary with nearly 500 employees, the travel businesses of the Internet group are bundled, including the portals and The Czech travel company Invia buys the portals in the spring of 2017.

Vural Öger: Within a few days, the Turkish tour operator has to file for bankruptcy for two of its companies at the turn of the year 2015/2016: for the company specialized in Turkish travel, V.Ö. Travel and Öger Turk Tur, one of the largest providers of Turkey flights in Germany. The reason is above all the declining tourism in Turkey, says Öger. In 2010 he sold his company Öger Tours to the tour operator Thomas Cook for about 30 million euros.

GTI Travel: Thousands of holidaymakers are surprised in June 2013 by the bankruptcy of the Düsseldorf tour operator GTI Travel and Buchmal Reisen. The cause was allegedly financial problems of the Turkish Kayi Group, to which both belonged. The associated airline Sky Airlines also ceases operations.