More than two thousand people came to Area 51 on Friday, the mysterious test location of the US Air Force. Five people were arrested. People gathered at the Nevada site in response to the Facebook initiative "Storm Area 51".

Area 51 is a site of the US Air Force. New aircraft are being tested and pilots receive training. However, some people believe that the American government secretly hides aliens there.

The initiator of the event had called on people to storm the complex on Friday. In total more than 2 million people agreed, but according to local media, around 2,300 people showed up.

Part of the turnout wore costumes and masks, or had brought banners.

US authorities were afraid that the event would result in chaos, but that did not happen.

Five people arrested

One woman managed to pass through the highly secured entrance gate and was temporarily detained, but she has since been released.

Two other visitors were also arrested after trying to enter the site. Two more visitors were arrested for offensive behavior and alcohol abuse.

"People are mainly here to see what's going on," said a security officer. "They come here to have fun."

The US authorities warned people not to come to Area 51 in advance. The base, where a flying saucer was said to have crashed in 1947, is used to test aircraft and train air force personnel.

Dutch Youtubers arrested at Area 51

Two Dutch Youtubers were arrested earlier after they tried to enter Area 51. The two were released on Thursday morning (local time) after they had paid a fine of $ 2,280 (about 2,100 euros).

According to police, the duo ignored warning signs at the site and drove nearly 5 kilometers into the area.

Agents seized their video equipment and drones. The two were planning to upload a video about the trip.


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