Saudi Arabia has responded to drone strikes on key oil refineries. The Saudi-led military coalition destroyed four naval and remote naval construction facilities north of the port city of Hodeida in Yemen on Thursday, according to a statement by the military coalition issued by the SPA news agency. These would have threatened the safety of shipping.

Supported by Iran in the civil war in Yemen, the Houthi rebels were well aware of the attacks on oil refineries owned by the Saudi Arabian Aramco Corporation in Abkaik and Churais. The US government, on the other hand, blames Iran. Saudi Arabia also sees Iran undoubtedly behind the attacks. The Tehran government denies any involvement and warns against attacking Iran.

Before the bombardment of the mine plants, the military coalition had allegedly thwarted a planned attack by the Yemeni Houthi rebels on a remotely controlled explosives boat. The boat was discovered and destroyed in the south of the Red Sea, SPA reported, citing the coalition. It was controlled from the Hodeida region. The target of the boat was therefore unknown.

Attack on oil refinery - Saudi Arabia has alleged evidence The Saudi Arabian government accuses Iran of being responsible for the attacks on oil facilities. The evidence is debris from rockets and drones. © Photo: Reuters TV

Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman said the US Department of Defense has provided President Donald Trump with opportunities for a military response. A decision is still open. The US has great confidence that the investigators are able to find out the authors of the attacks.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia is working with the US to explore ways to better protect oil fields from drone strikes. The US military is talking with Saudi Arabia about ways to defuse similar attacks in the north of the kingdom, US spokesman Pat Ryder said. He does not want to say what possibilities there are. Other US officials said that Patriot missiles could be deployed, but no decision had yet been made.