Contact us on September 20 at 15:43 if there is no major damage to the landline / net line

Due to Typhoon No. 15, there has been extensive damage to NTT's landline and Internet communication lines in Chiba Prefecture. NTT East still calls for a contact if the line is not connected because the overall situation is still unknown.

According to NTT East, due to the influence of Typhoon No.15, damage to 1341 places was confirmed in Chiba Prefecture using landline telephones and Internet communication cables.

NTT East thinks that the damage to landline telephones and the Internet has reached a total of 35,000 lines because the cable that connects cables and homes is also damaged.

NTT East has indicated a policy to restore the communication cable by the end of this month, and it is said that repairs are being carried out on home-use lines one by one. However, the overall situation of the damage is still unknown.

Contact information for repairs such as fixed-line phone calls is "0120-444-113" from mobile phones, PHS, and landlines outside NTT East. From NTT East's landline, it is "113".

In addition, the contact information for the repair of the Internet line is “0120-000-113”.

It also means that we are accepting repair consultations on the Internet.

The address is “”.

NTT East continues to take measures to use approximately 7,000 public telephones in Chiba Prefecture, free of charge.