Severe accidents at the intersection where traffic lights disappeared Chiba September 21 8:05


In Chiba Prefecture, where a large-scale blackout caused by Typhoon No. 15 occurred, 11 accidents were reported one after another at the intersection where the traffic light disappeared. The police have called for continued attention to driving, although the blackout of the traffic lights has almost recovered.

In Chiba Prefecture, due to a large-scale power outage, up to 1,600 traffic lights are no longer lit.

According to Chiba Prefectural Police Headquarters, there has been no accident where pedestrians were hit by a car at an intersection where a traffic light disappeared. 11 cases had occurred by the day.

The breakdown is
▽ Three cases in Ichihara City,
▽ There are 2 cases each in Sodegaura City and Oami Shirasato City, and the degree of injury was light.

The police proceeded with measures such as installing generators on traffic lights that did not recover from power outages, and there were 2 traffic lights in the prefecture that did not light up on the morning of the 20th.

The national road safety campaign will begin on the 21st of the autumn, but the police are calling for attention because it is difficult to drive due to fallen trees in the heavily damaged areas.