Frankfurt / Main (AP) - The Dax has started at the Witches Sabbath as well as unchanged in the trade. Most recently, the leading index was minus 0.07 percent at 12,449.17 points.

A similar picture emerged in the Eurozone leading index EuroStoxx 50. The MDax of the medium-sized German stock market fell slightly more, namely by 0.20 percent to 26,038.98 points.

At the so-called "Witches' Sabbath", futures and options on the major stock indices, such as those on the Dax and the Eurozone leading index EuroStoxx 50, will expire at noon on the Derivatives Exchange Eurex.

Before this date, which is also called the Great Expiration, investors try to move the courses in the direction that is favorable to them. As a rule, this leads to erratic, fundamentally unexplained movements.

For already seven trading days, the Dax commutes between 12,300 and 12,500 points, although he has since recovered noticeably since his lows low on Tuesday at 12,303 points. On a weekly basis, there is currently a moderate loss of 0.16 percent.