Berlin (AP) - The singer Frank Zander (77) has an advice for men: they should go to prostate cancer prevention. He himself has survived his cancer illness, as he told the German Press Agency in Berlin.

He points to the danger that threatens without control: "One does not notice." Precaution is very important, even if men are cowardly when it comes to the "harbor tour", so Zander.

"Harbor tour" is the most commonly used from middle age urological examination in medical circles called. Zander refers to the British singer Rod Stewart. He had the same cancer as him and was campaigning for precaution: "Guys, you really have to go to the doctor."

How Zander keeps fit? "Of course, I take care of my bike and ride a bike." He also does some sports with a fitness bench. "I try to eat a healthy diet." Of course that would be difficult if he was invited and smelled good. Vices like beer and pulling around the houses - but he still has. "I think I will not grow up."

Zander will release a new music album on October 4th. The title reads like a label he wears in Berlin: "Urgestein".

Cancer society for precaution