Rugby World Cup opening Consumption increase Expected beer production significantly increased September 20, 4:55

Beer consumption is expected to grow significantly during the Rugby World Cup, which opens on the 20th. Preparations are enthusiastic about preparations, such as a significant increase in production by manufacturers, so that there is no shortage of beer around the game venue.

In rugby powers such as the UK and Australia, many fans watch beer while drinking, and beer consumption is expected to grow significantly, especially among foreigners, during the competition.

Kirin Brewery, which manufactures “Heineken” sold in the game venues in Japan, has significantly increased the production time of the factory, and this month's production volume has increased more than three times the same period last year.

In addition, we plan to increase production by 2.6 times next month, and Takeshi Yamamoto of Kirin Brewery Yokohama Factory said, “Because it is a big business opportunity, we want to respond well as a factory.”

On the other hand, restaurants other than game venues are actively preparing for beer demand.

A bar in Toshima-ku, Tokyo, which is popular among rugby fans because it plays videos of rugby games on TV all year round, secures three to four times as much beer stock as usual in preparation for the competition. In addition, we added one beer server.

In addition, we prepared 3000 cups that contain about twice the amount of regular beer mugs, and prepared menus in English for foreigners.

A 47-year-old male employee of a office worker said, “Beer watching rugby is indispensable for beer. I want the Japanese national team to win and drink a lot.”

Mr. Kazukazu Takeuchi, the store manager, who is also a lagerman, said, “We want to be well prepared so that we do n’t run out of beer and we ’ll start.”