The search for a successor to the ceded National Security Advisor John Bolton is apparently progressing. On a flight with Air Force One from Albuquerque to Mountain View, US President Donald Trump named five names eligible for the post, fellow journalists said.

The US president is therefore considering his special hostage hostage, Robert O'Brien, former Deputy National Security Advisor, Rick Waddell, National Nuclear Safety Director, Lisa Gordon-Hagerty, Bolton's former Chief of Staff Fred Fleitz, and the National Security Advisor by Vice President Mike Pence, Keith Kellogg.

Bolton was Trump's third security advisor since he took office. But the relationship between the hardliner and the president worsened in the face of substantive disagreements. Last week, Trump fired Bolton. Now Trump has to find a fourth person.

Several US media reported that US Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, is also considered a potential candidate for the post. After Trump named the five names, the White House spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, turned to the public to make it clear that the list of candidates included more people than the five mentioned. Other people would also be considered.