Senior US military officers reportedly presented several "retaliatory actions" to President Donald Trump on Monday after "Iran's attacks on Saudi oil fields." Trump has not yet made a decision. Earlier in the day, he told American journalists that "there is enough time and there is no rush to take action."

One of the options would be an air raid led by Saudi Arabia on various strategic oil-rich targets in Iran, strengthened by information from the US intelligence service.

Sources tell NBC News that in this way the United States itself does not fire rockets at the country. A cyber attack would also have been mentioned at the meeting.

On Tuesday several American media wrote that the US has new evidence that Iran is behind the attacks. Satellite photos would show that the drones were sent from Iranian territory. Earlier it was reported that they were of Iranian origin.

The Saudi Ministry of Defense is giving a press conference on Wednesday in which it will "show evidence of Iranian involvement in the attacks," writes Reuters news agency . Tehran denies having anything to do with the incident. The Houthi rebels from Yemen have repeatedly claimed the attacks.

"Oil production fully restored this moon"

Saudi Arabia's oil production is likely to have fully recovered by the drone attacks last weekend by the end of this month, said energy minister Abdulaziz Bin Salman on Tuesday. It was previously feared that the oil installations would suffer from production problems for months.

The production loss due to drone attacks on oil facilities at state oil company Saudi Aramco in Abqaiq and Khurais amounted to 5.7 million barrels of oil per day, about 5 percent of oil production worldwide.

The Saudi Aramco summit stated that the costs of damage to the facilities are still being investigated. The long planned IPO of Saudi Aramco should take place within twelve months, depending on market conditions. In addition, the state oil company should be valued at $ 2,000 billion.


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