The world of law is shocked by the death of their colleague Derk Wiersum (44) in Amsterdam, a man who in various reactions is mainly described as knowledgeable and friendly. The criminal lawyer who assisted crown witness Nabil B., was shot on Wednesday morning near his home by an unknown, young perpetrator.

Aimabel, sympathetic and good, that's how lawyers describe their liquidated colleague in an initial reaction. "But above all a husband and father," said fellow lawyer Bart Swier. Wiersum leaves two children and a wife behind.

Wiersum studied Dutch law at the University of Groningen and was sworn in as a lawyer in 2003. He started working at the law firm of Marcel van Gessel, who says he is shocked in a reaction against

"I heard it on Wednesday morning when I was in Rotterdam," said Van Gessel, who helped Wiersum in his development as a lawyer. "From messenger to public prosecutor, everyone was in tears. Not because they knew him personally, but this is getting so close. Where does this end?"

Van Gessel got to know Wiersum as a "very calm and genuine lawyer". "And someone with a big heart", he says about assisting Wiersum who were sentenced to death.

Lawyer started his own office in March this year

The lawyer was treasurer of the Stichting Rechtshulp Terdood convicted persons and worked as a lawyer for the Dutch & Detained Foundation.

In 2014, Wiersum started working at Blaauw Advocaten. He started his own law firm in March of this year.

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) says it is horrified to have taken note of the murder, which is described as "an attack on the rule of law".

Theo Hofstee, acting chairman of the Board of Procurators General, announced on behalf of the OM that "the thoughts are currently going out to his wife, his children, other relatives and colleagues".

Wiersum was also a deputy judge

In addition to the many criminal cases that he picked up, he was also a deputy judge at the Zeeland-West-Brabant court. "What happened here is horrible," the Judiciary website says on Twitter. "It is shocking that something similar can happen in our democratic constitutional state."

The Dutch Association of Criminal Law Attorneys also said that they had "taken note of horror" of the violent death of their colleague.

"We know him as a very pleasant person and a knowledgeable, honest criminal lawyer. Our thoughts are currently with his wife, his children and other relatives, who we wish all strength with this inconceivable loss," said chairman Jeroen Soeteman .


Police investigate crime scene after liquidation lawyer Nabil B.

Rutte calls liquidation very worrying

Prime Minister Mark Rutte calls it "very disturbing" what has happened in the Amsterdam residential area and refers to the ongoing investigation.

Justice minister Ferd Grapperhaus gets caught up on Wednesday morning and therefore misses part of the General Political Reflections.

Minister Sander Dekker for Legal Protection speaks about "shocking messages from Amsterdam". "It is terrible news, especially for the relatives."

The crime scene in the residential area. (Photo: Pro Shots)

Wiersum assisted crown witness Nabil B.

The case of crown witness Nabil B. is one of the best known cases in which Wiersum was involved. The criminal has made several statements about the fugitive Ridouan Taghi. Taghi is suspected of multiple liquidations.

He therefore argued for better protection for the family of B., certainly after the brother of the crown witness was liquidated in his office in Amsterdam. It is believed that this was executed as a "punishment" for B., since his brother was not in the criminal environment.

The death of Wiersum is therefore the second liquidation of a person who was close to B.. The police call it a "low point in the fight against organized crime".