Wrestling World Championship Women 53kg Class Mukaida Silver Medal

At the world wrestling championship held in Kazakhstan, Mayu Mukaida, a 53 kilogram-class girl, lost a North Korean player in the final on the 18th and won a silver medal.

Mukoda won the semi-final held on the 17th and proceeded to the final on the 18th, and passed the measurement made before the game, and was officially announced as the Tokyo Olympics representative.

Mukoda played against North Korea ’s Park Yongmi, who lost in the final of the Asian Championship in April.

Mukoda led a point in the early stages, including a sharp tackle from a low posture. However, after that, after being backed by the opponent and reversed, it was further rotated and lost points in a row and lost the technical fall. Mukaida was a silver medal instead of two consecutive championships.

Mukaida said, “I was able to go to the final with a strong feeling, but I am sorry that I could not finish my final wrestling. Rather, I thought that I was able to do my best and wanted to train from scratch so that I would not make the same mistake. "

On the other hand, in the 55kg class of women who are not held at the Olympics, Nanami Irie advanced to the final, but lost 3-5 and was a silver medal.

Irie said, “I think I was weak. I am regrettable, but I would like to correct what was bad for the next game.”

In the 72 kilometer class, which is not held at the Olympics, Masako Furuichi was defeated in the first round, but won the loser's resurgence and won the 3rd place match and won the bronze medal.

Furuichi said, “It was good that I was able to pick up medals. “I think the road to the Tokyo Olympics has become tougher,” he said.