Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg met former US President Barack Obama in Washington. Thunberg is "one of the biggest defenders of our planet," tweeted Obama. The meeting already took place on Monday.

The Foundation Obama Foundation published a video of the meeting. The former US President praised the commitment of the Swede. "You and me, we are a team," said Obama. Thunberg thanked Obama for taking his time. "Of course," Obama replied. "You are changing the world, so we are very happy to have you with us". Thunberg replied: "Nobody is too small to influence and change the world".

Obama's post-meeting statement states that Thunberg's weekly school strike on climate change has become "a worldwide movement of millions of young people". "This is the power of young people - they are not afraid to believe that change is possible". Thunberg therefore embodies why he and Michelle Obama founded their foundation.

No meeting with Trump

As Obama advocates a more determined response to climate change, his successor, Donald Trump, repeatedly voices doubts that it is man-made. Thunberg said in an interview before her trip to the United States that she would not want to "waste" her time meeting with US President Trump.

Thunberg arrived in the USA about two weeks ago. Last Friday, she demanded more climate protection from the White House in Washington with hundreds of children and teenagers. On Monday, she and the protest movement Fridays For Future were awarded the main prize by Amnesty International.

This Wednesday, together with other climate activists, she is expected to attend a hearing of a House subcommittee. Next Friday she wants to participate in the global climate strike of the movement Fridays For Future in New York.