The train traffic around Schiphol was severely disrupted on Tuesday by a defective track. The Dutch Railways (NS) report that the delays are likely to continue until 5.30 am on Wednesday.

Due to the defective track, there are currently far fewer trains running between Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam Central and Schiphol Airport and Rotterdam Central. There are also no intercity trains running between the airport and Hilversum station.

Travelers must take into account a minimum of thirty minutes' delay.

A ProRail spokesperson reports that it is a defect in the track at a viaduct on the Johan Huizingalaan in Amsterdam.

Train traffic ceased as a precaution

The rail manager carries out repairs and has stopped train traffic as a precaution. According to the spokesperson, safety has not been compromised.

The Dutch Railways can only resume train traffic on Wednesday morning, because ProRail is waiting for the glue that is used to lay the track in the overpass has hardened.

"We are solving the problem as quickly as possible," said the spokesperson.