Berlin (dpa) - A direction Baltic pulling windstorm provides mainly in the north and northeast of Germany for showers and squalls.

Mainly on the Pomeranian coast, but also further inland, could be expected at night with some heavy storm gusts from the northwest, according to the German Weather Service (DWD). It should also be stormy in the eastern highlands. The showers should stop during the night according to DWD data at least in the coastal area.

The crew of a sailing boat on the Müritz at the Mecklenburg Lake District was surprised by strong winds on Tuesday afternoon. The boat capsized in a stormy and gusty southwest wind to magnitude eight, and the ship's mast drilled into the bottom of the lake, the police said. A passenger ship picked up the five sailors, the fire brig hid the damaged ship at water temperatures of 16 degrees.

The stormy weather in North German rail traffic was also a source of adversity. Due to overturned trees on the tracks, the railway company Metronom reported severe restrictions on its routes. Among other things, the route between Hanover and Uelzen should be fully closed until midnight. The connection between Hamburg and Bremen was also completely closed. Delays occurred between Hanover and Göttingen in both directions as well as on the route Uelzen-Lüneburg-Hamburg. Partially substitute buses should drive.

Also with the German course of the train traffic was impaired, as the enterprise communicated with Twitter. "With ICE1272, IC2900, IC2173, ICE1749, ICE885, it takes longer," it said. "The evacuation of the trains is under way or will start soon," the train tweeted at 9:40 pm.

On the East Frisian island Norderney tourists were trapped by water masses. The group had climbed on a dune, according to the fire department on Tuesday in the east of the island and had dropped off an emergency call. The flood was significantly higher than normal due to a storm in the North Sea. A rescue helicopter took the tourists on board and brought them back to a parking lot.

The Niedersächsische Landesbetrieb for water management, coastal and nature protection had warned for Tuesday and the night for Wednesday of increased water levels on the coast of Lower Saxony. Thus, there is a risk of flooding for beaches and areas in front of the dikes.

DWD - Forecast Germany