Governor Koike talks with the Hashimoto Olympics minister, “Making the participation experience a tournament” September 17, 16:57

Governor Koike from Tokyo wants to meet with the newly appointed minister in charge of the Olympics and Paralympics of Hashimoto, and as a player, Mr. Hashimoto, who has participated in the Olympics, understands the needs of athletes, and wants to facilitate the smooth operation of the next year's tournament. I showed the idea.

Governor Koike of Tokyo newly took office as a cabinet remodeling and met with the minister in charge of the Hashimoto Olympic and Paralympic Games who visited the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office on the 17th.

Governor Koike mentions that Hashimoto has participated in the Olympics seven times in winter and summer as a player. “What athletes want, Minister Hashimoto is the spokesman, and can do it. I think there is a lot to be done, such as measures against heat and smooth running of the tournament, but I would like to move forward with the help of Minister Hashimoto. ”

In response to this, Minister Hashimoto responded, “I would like to provide support so that the tournament can be operated firmly while further strengthening cooperation.”

In addition, since Mr. Hashimoto is also in charge of the field of women's active participation, Governor Koike said, “Similarly to Mr. Hashimoto, the efforts of female athletes are encouraging women. "Let's do our best".