The Netherlands is entering a period of more moderate growth in the coming years. King Willem-Alexander stated this in his speech on Tuesday. The king also expressed his concerns about problems in the care sector on Prinsjesdag and pointed out the importance of migration policy.

At the start of the speech, the king stopped at Operation Market Garden, this month 75 years ago. "The hope for a better future literally came from above," said the king, referring to the large numbers of allied parachutists who were dropped above the Netherlands.

The king emphasized in the annual speech in which the government outlines the state of the country that the Dutch economy continues to grow.

Nevertheless, according to the king, this growth will be more moderate in the coming years. Events such as the Brexit and international trade conflicts make the economy vulnerable. The government has already issued a profit warning, "which forces us to think about how the Netherlands will earn its money in the future and how it can remain a country with good facilities," the king said.

Current migration issues require new steps

In his speech, King Willem-Alexander reported that the number of migrants coming to Europe has fallen compared to 2015. Nevertheless, he also expressed concern about this theme.

"The continuing pressure on the European external borders, the horrible fate of many migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea and the lack of mutual solidarity between the EU Member States require new steps."

According to King Willem-Alexander, asylum seekers who no longer have a chance of refugee status and some of whom cause nuisance, must be stopped. "Here too, the EU must act jointly, certainly in the direction of the countries of origin. That way, support for a humane and fair asylum policy remains intact."

Big long-term questions for the healthcare sector

The king also considered issues that currently play a role in the healthcare sector. "It is positive that we live on average longer and longer. But with it the number of chronic diseases is increasing and more care is needed, while there are limits to the availability of people and resources," the king said.

According to the king, people working in healthcare should be given more time and space for the personal attention of a patient. King Willem-Alexander also said that before the summer of 2020 the government will provide concrete information about what healthcare will look like in the future.

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