Berlin (dpa) - Several new vehicle types have been added in recent years on German roads and bike paths. Most of them are electrically powered - but sometimes muscle power has to help. An overview:

The term E-scooter is used both for scooters with electric drive and for electric scooters. The e-scooters are now often used on the streets, cycle paths and - in an inadmissible way - sidewalks in the inner cities of some major cities. They are bigger and heavier than classic scooters. The e-scooters are allowed to drive up to 20 kilometers per hour. While driving, you stand on it.

Electric scooters hardly differ externally from well-known scooters. They are powered electrically. Therefore, they whirr during the ride and do not creak like scooters with internal combustion engine. They are particularly suitable for use in cities, as their relatively short range there often poses no problem. An electric scooter has a seat.

Electric bicycles come in different variants. What is often referred to as an e-bike is, strictly speaking, usually a pedelec (short for Pedal Electric Cycles). Pedelecs assist riders with their motor while pedaling up to a speed of 25 kilometers per hour. For a higher tempo you need to rely on your own calves alone. The engine can also be switched off completely. Pedelecs are legally equated to the bicycle.

S-pedelecs are faster and are considered mopeds. The engine support is only turned off at 45 km / h. Otherwise, they work much like pedelecs. The engine of actual e-bikes, on the other hand, also works when not pedaling. This makes it comparable to an electric sofa.

Cargo bikes have been around for several years. On shorter distances, they can be an alternative to the car, allowing, for example, the transport of children or bulk purchases. They can have two or three wheels and be equipped with an electric drive.

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