The Tunisian presidential primaries were won on Sunday by Kaïs Saïed and Nabil Karoui, two outsiders in Tunisian politics. In the second round next month it will be determined which of them will be the new president of Tunisia.

The turnout in the first round of the presidential election was relatively low, with only 45 percent of the population going to the polls. The second and decisive presidential election will take place no later than 3 November. In between, there are also parliamentary elections in early October.

According to an exit poll from research firm Sigma, newcomer Kaïs Saïed received nearly twenty percent of the votes. Media tycoon Nabil Karoui followed him with more than fifteen percent.

Both outsiders

The two are the outsiders of Tunisian politics. Saïed has never held a management position before and Karoui is best known as director of a Tunisian TV channel. The two are seen as anti-system candidates.

Saïed in particular is a controversial figure. The professor at the University of Tunis has no party behind him, said in an interview that homosexuality is paid for and encouraged by other countries and is opposed to gender equality in inheritance law.


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