Moved by truck to victims who cannot shop Chiba Tateyama September 16 18:02

In Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture, which was severely damaged by Typhoon No. 15, mobile sales were carried out by trucks loaded with food and daily necessities for victims who could not shop.

This mobile sale was started in Tateyama City from the 16th by a major distribution group for people who couldn't shop because the nearby stores were damaged, gasoline wasn't available, and cars couldn't be used.

Two trucks turn together, one with food and daily necessities lined up on the loading platform, and you can shop inside, and the other has an ATM / cash dispenser on the loading platform.

On the 16th, we visited 3 places in Tateyama city. Among them, nearby people visited the “Nishimisaki Community Hall”, which is a sightseeing spot in Tateyama City.

A woman in her 70s who had just cleared the power outage at home said, “I bought eggs. During the power outage, I spent time with retort food, so I was grateful to be able to buy fresh food.” .

Keisuke Ueda, manager of AEON Retail System Planning Headquarters, which sells mobile sales, said, “I want to provide services to customers who cannot go shopping in areas where electricity, water, and infrastructure are not available.”

This mobile sale is scheduled to be held at four locations in Tateyama city on the 17th, and after that, it will be considered the area etc. by looking at the power outage situation.