Thousands of people have argued on Saturday at the international car show IAA in Frankfurt, Germany, for more climate measures and to encourage driving in less polluting vehicles.

The police speak of about 15,000 activists, of whom about 12,500 had come by bike. The organizers of the demonstration say that there were 25,000 demonstrators, including 18,000 cyclists.

The activists blame the car industry for not being energetic enough to switch over to the production of electric cars. The car industry would also make too many heavily polluting SUVs.

Bernhard Mattes, chairman of the trade association for the German automotive sector VDA, stated that it is good that a debate on climate protection and mobility is being held at the IAA.

He also said that the German car industry will invest 40 billion euros over the next three years in electric cars and other less polluting vehicles.

Protesters cycle over the highway to the auto show. (Photo: Reuters)


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