Berlin (AP) - Green Party chief Robert Habeck calls for more action in the fight against tax evasion abroad. It is "completely incomprehensible," why the federal government does not do everything to uncover tax loopholes, said Habeck.

"The honest must not be the dumb, otherwise eroded the public spirit." Habeck demanded a national duty to report tax-saving models.

"Two-digit billions are deprived of the common good, they are missing for education, police and care," criticized the Greens leader. He referred to a study commissioned by Green MEP Sven Giegold. The 20-page paper concludes that the German tax authorities escaped between 5 and 15 billion euros a year through untaxed foreign assets of German taxpayers.

Author Christoph Trautvetter from the Network Tax Justice has compiled academic estimates for the study. However, he himself admits that estimates of the extent of tax evasion are "necessarily linked to many uncertainties". Previously, the NDR had reported on the study.

Study by Trautvetter

Statement by Giegold