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With 160 in Tempo 50 zone: A sports car as a murder weapon - process after Raser accident


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Stuttgart (dpa) - After a fatal accident at much too high speed from today on a young driver in Stuttgart in front of the district court has to answer - for murder. A sports car as a murder weapon, speed frenzy as a motive? A delicate accusation.

What happened then?

One night last March, the now-accused 20-year-old raced to a crossroads at the wheel of a rented Jaguar sports car in a Tempo 50 zone at more than 160 kilometers per hour. However, he loses control of the vehicle in an evasive maneuver, moves to the left and bounces against a stationary small car. Two young people die that night: a 25-year-old boy and his 22-year-old girlfriend. Both had recently moved to Stuttgart.

What is the charge based on?

First, the prosecutor had investigated Stuttgart because of negligent homicide against the 20-year-old, who himself had remained unhurt. Decisive for advocating a murder charge was an appraisal of speed. By evaluating the on-board computer was also found that the driver had pushed the accelerator just before the accident to the stop. Despite unclear traffic conditions, the young man was driving at full throttle on a crossroads. The Jaguar driver has thereby taken the death of others, at least approvingly, accuses him of the prosecutor.

But is not that crazy?

Not necessarily, increasingly the German judiciary evaluates car racing or frenzy as crimes with grave consequences for the polluter as well. At the beginning of March, just days before the fatal crash in Stuttgart, the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) in Karlsruhe had for the first time confirmed a murder sentence against a reckless speedster. The man had killed a man in Hamburg in 2017 with a stolen taxi and seriously injured two.

Then it is likely that the prosecutor's office prevails?

Not at all, because the murder motive must be proven in each individual case. Even a car race with a fatality is not always the same as murder. Thus, the first murder judgment in Germany was taken in February 2017 by the BGH. The judges did not see enough evidence of the conditional killing charge on the two defendants following a deadly car race in downtown Berlin. In March, the men were re-sentenced to life imprisonment for murder in March. This decision is not yet final.

What kind of driving characteristics did the car with which the defendant traveled?

The Jaguar F4 is said to have rented the accident maker at a small rental, which specializes in luxury sedans. On the Internet, the car was advertised until the accident with the equipment feature «extremely loud exhaust flap system». The sports car has 550 hp and accelerates according to the manufacturer in 5.7 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h.

How does a 20-year-old ever get on such a car?

According to the media, only a minimum age of 19 years was required for the car. According to information provided by the German Insurers Association (GDV), this is not prohibited: "A car rental company may decide for itself to whom it gives its vehicles. There is no age limit for liability insurance, "said a spokeswoman for the GDV (Berlin).

Which chamber deals with the case?

The trial takes place in the district court of Stuttgart. However, since the defendant was younger than 21 at the time of the offense, he is considered an adolescent, and it is publicly heard before a youth chamber. So far, dates are scheduled until mid-November.

Source: zeit

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