Berlin (dpa) - The unclear situation at Brexit makes companies from the point of view of the British Chamber of Commerce in Germany more and more. "The mood among companies is tense and nervous," said the president of the Chamber of Commerce, Michael Schmidt, the German Press Agency.

"Uncertainty is always bad for companies. That's why an end to horror at Brexit is certainly better than a horror without end, "Schmidt continued. However, a no-deal Brexit has significant disadvantages not only for the British, but also for the companies in the EU and especially for German companies. "Therefore, a shift from my point of view is quite appropriate - if you have the hope that then it comes to an agreement."

The lower house in London had said goodbye to a compulsory break imposed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. His plans for a new election before the planned withdrawal from the European Union on 31 October had burst, however. A law forces the Prime Minister to request a Brexit shift should not be in time for an agreement with the EU in time for the planned exit date of October 31st. Johnson strictly rejects that.

"Uncertainty is never good for business," said Schmidt. "The uncertainty has been going on for a very long time now. And how it looks at the moment, it will still take some time. "The Chamber knew from discussions with companies that companies are hard to make investment decisions. "It's hard to make adjustments because you just do not know what's going on."

At the same time, Schmidt said he could not imagine that there would be substantial renegotiations on the EU-UK agreement. "That has always excluded the EU and I can understand that too. It has shown in many places really willing to compromise. In that sense, I fully understand when the EU says: to this point and not further. "

Schmidt continued: "What I could well imagine is that the backstop comes back to the original solution: that the customs border does not run on the mainland between Northern Ireland and Ireland, but in the Irish Sea between Northern Ireland and the British Island."

In Britain, because of Brexit, there is a split across society, including individual families. «The entire country is split. I have to confess quite frankly: at the moment I do not know how the British want to overcome this split. "