The US government has extended the military deployment on the Mexican border by one year. This was announced by the Ministry of Defense. Accordingly, by 2020, up to 5,500 soldiers will be available. They had been sent to the border by President Donald Trump just over a year ago to prevent illegal migration. There are currently around 2,900 soldiers and 2,000 reservists in action there.

A week ago, the Ministry of Defense had released the equivalent of 3.3 billion euros for the planned Trump wall construction on the border with Mexico. The redeployment of budget funds from the defense budget was made possible by a declaration of emergency that Trump issued in February for a dispute with Congress over the financing of the Wall. The congress had denied Trump the funds he required for the wall.

The Wall is one of Trump's key campaign promises. He justified the measure with illegal immigration and drug smuggling across the southern border. Actually, Mexico should pay for the project - but the neighboring country refused.

Trump recently put massive pressure on Mexico to stop migrants on their way to the US. In May, he threatened to impose tariffs on all Mexican imports. In June, Mexico pledged to stem illegal immigration to the United States, particularly from poor Central American countries such as El Salvador and Honduras. The Mexican government also sent thousands of soldiers to the border - and recently declared it successful.