A delegation from the Dutch police goes to Kenya because of the disappearance of Tob Cohen, a former CEO of Philips, confirms a police spokesperson on Wednesday after reporting by De Telegraaf.

The two agents will follow the investigation of the Kenyan authorities, it is outlined. It is assumed that the 69-year-old man, who was last seen on July 19, is no longer alive.

His Kenyan wife Sarah WK has been stuck on suspicion of involvement for some time. The couple was embroiled in a bitter divorce. For example, there was a fight over the marital home. They have accused each other of the use of force.

The woman previously claimed that Cohen, who had a good golfing company after his career with Philips in East Africa, had traveled to Thailand for medical treatment. However, there is no evidence that he actually left the country.

World Cup will be presented on Thursday. She has always denied involvement in the disappearance case.


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