Berlin (dpa) - The current calendar sheet for September 10, 2019:

37th calendar week, 253rd day of the year

Still 112 days to the end of the year

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Nameday: Nicholas


2014 - The sinking of a refugee boat allegedly carrying more than 500 migrants aboard the Libyan coast in the Mediterranean can only save ten people.

2009 - Germany's women's football team win the European champion title for the seventh time. In Helsinki, the team wins in the final against England with 6: 2 (2: 1).

2004 - The Polish Parliament unanimously calls on the government in Warsaw to demand reparations against Germany.

1999 - German General Klaus Reinhardt is appointed new Commander of the international Kosovo peacekeeping force KFOR.

1989 - Several thousand GDR citizens living in Hungary are allowed to leave for Austria from midnight onwards. This is announced by the Hungarian Foreign Minister Gyula Horn.

1989 - On the Danube near the Romanian city of Galati, a Bulgarian tugboat rammed a Romanian passenger ship in bad visibility. 207 passengers and crew are killed.

1974 - Guinea-Bissau becomes the first Portuguese colony in Africa to be released into independence.

1964 - The Portuguese Armando Rodrigues de Sá is solemnly received at the station in Cologne-Deutz as the millionth guest worker in the Federal Republic. He gets a moped as a gift.

1919 - In the peace of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Austria has to cede all non-German-speaking territories and loses its position as European great power. A merger with the German Reich is prohibited.


1984 - Alina Levshin (35), German actress («Warrior»)

1974 - Ryan Phillippe (45), American actor ("I know what you did last summer")

1973 - Deniz Yücel (46), German-Turkish journalist, arrested in Turkey from 17 February 2017 to 16 February 2018 for allegedly supporting a terrorist group

1949 - Helmut Hack (70), German entrepreneur and sports official, President of SpVgg Greuther Fürth 1996-2018

1946 - Wieland Backes (73), German television presenter (presenter of the talk shows "Nachtcafé" and "I have a big name")


1999 - Alfredo Kraus, Spanish tenor, b. 1927

1994 - Max Morlock, German football player, German champion with the 1st FC Nuremberg 1948 and 1961, world champion with the national team in 1954, born. 1925